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Images and optional accessories are shown here for example only and may not accurately represent the actual tractor model and/or available cab accessories. Cab photo displayed above may include optional accessories which are available at extra cost. Cab designs are subject to change without notice.

Product Details

Price: $279.00 USD
Details: Washer Bottle Kit
Part Number: 17-1122S
Stock Status: In Stock
Total: $279.00

Product Description

Window washer bottle kit for non-Dakota cab installations. Electric pump, reservoir, nozzle, hose, 14 feet of power and ground wires, in-line fuse, on/off switch and mounting hardware are all included. This kit works in Yukon cabs, skid steer enclosures, TLB enclosures, etc. Customer is responsible for locating the installation position of this washer bottle kit, and ensuring that it does not interfere with the operation or the controls of the vehicle it is being installed on. Typical current draw is 2A


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