Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures

Terms and Conditions

All sales are final, subject to the terms and conditions stated herein and, or, under the Limited Warranty or Refund Policy. Orders are binding and cannot be canceled once your written order confirmation is received. Any exceptions to this policy including cancellation charges up to and including the full purchase amount are solely at the discretion of Sims Cab Depot management. Special orders are non-refundable (Please note that all service parts with Sims Cab Depot manufactured content are considered special order items). Customers are invoiced at the time of shipment of goods or when customer has been notified that goods are ready for pick-up. Credit cards are charged at the time of order, with any applicable discounts being applied.
Sims Cab Depot products are designed exclusively to work with Sims Cab Depot cabs and enclosures as indicated in the "Enclosure Associations" link present with each saleable item. Sims Cab Depot products are NOT OEM replacement products. Many products offered by Sims Cab Depot can be used as an alternative to an OEM equivalent option, as in for example, glass or heater kits. Sims Cab Depot service glass and heater kits are designed to fit most models that we make cabs or enclosures for, but these parts and kits are not an OEM service or replacement part and may or may not be similar to the OEM alternative.
Returned merchandise must have prior written authorization. Authorization for returns must be obtained within (30) days of the invoice date and are subject to a restocking charge depending on the particular circumstances. Credit for authorized returns will be subject to our Refund Policy. Sims Cab Depot reserves the right to offset and apply any authorized credit amounts against any charges outstanding including service charges.
Payment Policy
All orders must be pre-paid by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or cheque (we may wait up to 15 days after receipt of an un-certified cheque for assurance of financial institution clearance), wire transfer or direct deposit, unless you have a pre-existing account in good standing with a pre-approved credit application on file with Sims Cab Depot. Applications for new credit accounts are no longer being accepted. All orders are processed assuming that they will be shipped complete. However, back orders do occur, and these items will be shipped as they are available. Sims Cab Depot reserves the right to decline any credit cards at management's discretion.
Credit Terms
For pre-existing accounts in good standing, our terms are net 30 days.
Lead Time and Stock Status
Shipment lead times and stock status shown on our website are for reference only and are not a guarantee of actual delivery time. The information shown on our website is not displayed in real time, but is updated daily with the best order and inventory information we have at that time. Further, orders are entered on a first come, first serve basis, considering account status and payment approval status (due to the nature of our automated systems, electronic order submissions are typically processed faster than manual fax submissions). Contact our customer service department if a firm delivery date is required for your order, upon successful order submission and confirmation.
Shipping Information
All shipments are EXW - Ex Works (Long Sault, Ontario) per Incoterms 2010. At the option of the customer, and on their behalf, shipments may be freight pre-paid and added to your invoice and forwarded via our choice of broker (if applicable) and carrier. However, all transportation risk (as per Incoterms EXW) will remain the responsibility of the customer, whether the carrier is selected by Sims Cab Depot (acting on behalf of the customer), or if the carrier (and broker, when applicable) is selected by the customer directly. Regardless of the carrier chosen, all claims for damage, shortage or loss arising from the transportation of goods from our facility in Long Sault must be settled between the customer and the carrier in question. Sims Cab Depot will be held harmless in the event of any transportation related loss. Sims Cab Depot does not insure shipments against damage or loss, unless specifically agreed to in writing with the customer in advance of shipment. Shipments may be picked up at our location, if so arranged at the time of your order.
Courier Shipments
Items that meet the weight and dimensional criteria for courier shipments will be shipped via a courier of our choice. All charges will be prepaid and added to your total invoice accordingly.
Truck Shipments
Many items are shipped via courier however, the size and weight of some items necessitate an LTL shipment be used. In these cases our shipping department will professionally search out the best method for your situation. All freight charges will be prepaid and added to your total invoice accordingly. If you have a preferred method of transportation please specify in writing at the time of order. Otherwise, the shipping department will coordinate all shipments. Please allow at least 20 business days for delivery before calling on order status. If you have an order inquiry or a problem upon receiving your merchandise, call toll-free 1-800-225-7290.
Shortage or Damaged Goods
Step 1. VERY IMPORTANT!! Do Not accept delivery of any item(s) from freight carrier if there are any signs of damage to the exterior of the packaging of the item(s), unless directed otherwise by an authorized representative by Sims Cab Depot. Step 2. Notify Sims Cab Depot customer service immediately of refusal of shipment. If you choose to accept a damaged shipment without expressed written authorization from Sims Cab Depot, Sims Cab Depot cannot be held responsible. However, we will endeavor to assist you in every way to remedy the situation. Contact Sims Cab Depot customer service as soon as possible, but not later than 5 days from receipt of shipment.
Do not return
Do NOT Return damaged or broken merchandise that was accepted from the freight carrier to Sims Cab Depot unless you receive written authorization to do so.
Prices & Specifications
Sims Cab Depot prides itself on our quality and continuous improvement programs to constantly improve our products and processes. Therefore, prices, product specifications, product offerings and shipping rates are subject to change without notice.
Quantity Discount
Orders of 4 or more whole goods (cab or equivalent) will qualify for an additional 5% discount. Higher volume discounts are available, contact Sims Cab Depot for further details.
Overdue Accounts
It is understood and agreed by all parties that accounts will automatically be assessed a service charge of 2% per month (Minimum service charge of $5.00 CAD) on all overdue accounts. The customer will be responsible for all costs and fees associated with the collection of overdue accounts, including but not limited to legal costs and third party collection or service fees.
Minimum Order Amounts
Sims Cab Depot reserves the right to limit orders to a minimum purchase amount of $20.
It is understood and agreed by all parties, that any claim or dispute connected with the non-payment of goods or services provided by Sims Cab Depot will be deemed to have arisen in the Province of Ontario and be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario, and any and all matters involving a tribunal shall take place in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.
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